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At Pineapple Jen, we believe that a small gesture has the power to make the largest of impacts, and provide you the chance to get involved with making a difference. Founded by Jennifer Derwojed with an aim to make a difference in the lives of individuals from all over the world — Pineapple Jen believes indefinitely in supporting those who seek to improve their quality of life through finding the right property, building a yoga practice, helping directly with ocean conservation, while appreciating the marine world. 

Pineapple Jen Wave Yoga Ocean

 Yoga Ocean is a practice dedicated to our beautiful blue planet. There are four different styles to choose from: Lava Flow, Ocean Flow, Calm Seas and Tide & Tone. Each class is based on specific elements to connect us to the incredible marine environment. Whether you are near to or far from the shores, let these yoga asanas (poses) transport your awareness and senses to a place of fluidity and peace. Sign up for 1:1 yoga coaching to transform your life!


 Photography  is where Pineapple Jen first got its start. Back in 2015, Jennifer became a whale watch guide in Vancouver, Canada and quickly realized the amazing opportunity she had to see wildlife. She wanted to be able to share her experiences with many people, not just those on her tours. Investing in a Canon 7D and multiple lenses, Jennifer began to capture moments with nature all over the planet. You can peruse the galleries and find pictures available for purchase

 Marine Bio Moments brings you the latest and greatest from the world of marine biology and ocean conservation. From videos, to news clips, to recently published studies, stay up to date with incredible moments from around our blue planet. If getting directly involved is what you want, look for all the marine conservation opportunities highlighted in our weekly updates. 

 PJ Properties will help you find you your home by the sea. A  wise man once said, "nobody said you had to live where it snows." And he was right. If the ocean is where your heart belongs, let us help you find your dream house in beautiful, sunny, beachy Florida. Working with a team of highly experienced real estate professionals, PJ Properties will connect you to the perfect match.

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